Say Goodbye to Keyword Research

Preset criteria for filtering targeting and competitor analysis

Search term reports analyzed for you

We chose targeting by filtering most relevant and converting keywords.

  • We clean up advertising terms report data by aggregating singular/plural terms, similar terms and removing stop words.
  • We support basic grammar rules for international marketplaces.
  • We advertise on all match types (exact, phrase, broad) and we use tiered bidding to avoid overlaps.
Scraping screenshot

Just launched a new product?

We add keywords, product targets and auto campaign.

  • Save time in keyword research
  • Capture traffic from competitor pages
  • Keywords automatically moved from auto to manual campaign

Customizations keep you in control

Refine targeting based on your product knowledge

  • Add negative words to exclude misleading terms. There's no need to exclude high ACoS keywords - Advigator will automatically reduce bid per click based on your ACoS Target.
  • If you add a negative phrase, we'll also exclude competitor product pages with that word in their title.
  • Each negative keyword you add is automatically applied to all ad types.