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Are you wasting time on these tasks?

  • Researching keywords and creating campaigns
  • Manually adjusting bids per click to get enough visibility without losing money
  • Reviewing ad reports, adding new search terms, and managing multiple ad types

Or struggling with subpar advertising solutions ?

    The key issue with existing solutions is that you need a ton of technical expertise to make their strategies work for you. Setting bidding rules, creating a campaign structure, and performing your own keyword analysis takes time that holds your business back from growing.

    Why is Advigator the #1 solution to really help you scale Advertising on Amazon?

    Save time creating campaigns

    With just a few clicks, you can create Sponsored products, Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand Video campaigns.

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    Manage advertising at the product level instead of at the campaign level
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    Targeting is shared among campaigns, so you can create Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand Video campaigns using existing data
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    Daily budget is distributed among your campaigns

    Stop worrying about which keywords are best

    We’ll continually find the best-performing keywords for each product based on conversions and CTR.

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    We filter the best performing keywords from historical reports and sponsor the most relevant ones based on CTR and conversion rate
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    It doesn't matter if you launch a new campaign or already have data - we'll automatically find your keywords and product targets
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    New customer search terms are automatically added to manual campaigns for all match types

    No more adjusting bids per click

    Each day, we’ll auto-adjust the bids per click for each keyword based on selling price, conversion rates, and your ACoS target.

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    Bids per click set to the optimal point to maximize conversions while sticking close to your ACoS target
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    Switch from visibility strategy to profitability by changing the ACoS target - all bids per click will be varied proportionally to the conversion rate

    Hear what our amazing customers say

    "The time saved is so much that I can devote myself much better to other aspects of my business."

    Andrea S.
    Amazon account manager

    "Budget and less performing campaigns are automatically managed. It's really easy to use and intuitive"

    Omada design logo
    Omada Design
    Amazon brand

    "It is extremely easy to setup and maintain. The optimization process is common-sense based so it is easy to understand what you are doing. There is no hand-waving mumbo-jumbo with artificial intelligence and other useless buzz-words."

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    Amazon Seller

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