Targeting settings

We set everything according to best practices but you can customize it.

Targets type

Choose match types, target types, and strategic automatic expressions.

Targeting size

Change the criterion for selecting the keywords to include in targeting. You can select only those that have already generated at least one order, or even if they have an above-average CTR.

Up & Down bidding

By default, we keep the up & down bidding strategy always enabled until the actual ACoS exceeds your target ACoS by a certain threshold. However, you have the option to keep it always enabled, use down-only, or use a manual bidding strategy.

Placement bidding

We analyze the conversion rate from the placement report to calculate the optimal bid multiplier for Top of Search (TOS), Rest of Search, and Product Pages for each campaign. However, if you prefer, you can disable our automatic calculation.

Hourly bidding

We import hourly data from Amazon Marketing Stream (AMS) and calculate the conversion rate for each hour of the day. Subsequently, we automatically reduce the bids for clicks during the night and increase them during the day. However, you have the option to disable this feature or set your own values for each hour of the day.

Target ACoS

You can choose an ACoS target either per product (parent ASIN) or for each ad format.

Import from

If you launch a new product (e.g., a replacement or a new version similar to the previous one), you can force the system to read data from the old campaign.