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Senso Naturale


Young, innovative, and flexible, Senso Naturale wasn't born as just another company, but as a Project. A Project of a community that embraces innovative ideas, people, and realities, with one mission: to enhance our lives and the world that shelters us.

We've made this commitment to the world and are increasingly determined in our quest for the impossible: turning liquid into solid and crafting formulas for areas where solid products have never been introduced before. Step by step, we help you build good habits without sacrificing the convenience and functionality of products.

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Before Advigator

Before using Advigator for advertising, our team utilized a manual approach to running ads. We had to manually research and identify potential advertising platforms, such as social media platforms, search engines, and websites, that aligned with our target audience. This process involved extensive market research and analysis.

Once we identified the platforms, we had to manually create and manage individual advertising campaigns on each platform. This included designing ad creatives, writing compelling ad copies, setting targeting parameters, and monitoring campaign performance. It was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that required constant monitoring and optimization to achieve desired results.

One of the main difficulties we encountered was the lack of centralized data and analytics. Without a dedicated platform like Advigator, we had to rely on separate analytics tools provided by each advertising platform. This made it challenging to gather and analyze all the necessary data in one place, resulting in a fragmented view of our advertising performance.

Additionally, managing multiple advertising campaigns across various platforms proved to be complex and overwhelming. It was difficult to keep track of budgets, ad schedules, and performance metrics across different interfaces. This lack of streamlined campaign management made it harder to make data-driven decisions and optimize our advertising efforts effectively.

Overall, the manual approach to advertising required significant time, effort, and resources while lacking the efficiency and comprehensive insights provided by a dedicated advertising management tool like Advigator.

Why Advigator?

  • Budget Management: The platform provides budget management features, allowing users to set and monitor their advertising budgets across different campaigns and channels. This helps users maintain control over their spending and allocate resources effectively.

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Advigator provides robust analytics and reporting features, allowing users to analyze their campaign data, measure key performance indicators (KPIs), and gain valuable insights to optimize their advertising strategies.


  • Scalability and Expansion: As companies experience success and growth with Advigator, they can expand their advertising efforts to new markets or channels. The platform's scalability allows businesses to adapt and evolve their advertising strategies as their needs change.

  • Enhanced Campaign Performance: The comprehensive analytics and optimization capabilities of Advigator can help companies improve their campaign performance. By analyzing data and identifying successful strategies, businesses can make data-driven decisions to optimize their advertising campaigns and achieve better results.