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Amici e natura


Amici e Natura, for over 30 years, have been taking care of your animal companions with love, expertise, and knowledge. We are not just sellers, but animal enthusiasts just like you. Our advice comes from years of firsthand experience and genuine passion. Today, we are able to offer you a wide range of pet products: over 15,000 high-quality items ready to meet all their needs. Friends and Nature is a company specialized in the well-being and health of your animal friends: dogs, cats, freshwater and marine aquarium fish, reptiles, small rodents, and birds. With us, you will always find only the best products at an outstanding price-quality ratio: food, accessories, equipment... The crowning glory of Friends and Nature is our 25 years of top-tier experience in aquariums. We can meet the needs of every aquarium hobbyist, from the beginner to the expert, both in the marine and freshwater sectors.


Before Advigator

Previously, our campaigns were managed manually without any specific expertise, and understandably, we were spending and wasting our budget without logical reasoning.

Why Advigator?

It self-configures, automatically sets the correct budget, finds new keywords; essentially, it does everything on its own. We only have to decide on the daily budget.


We are achieving excellent results at a cost lower than our expectations. It's worth noting that our market niche is highly competitive.