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Transforming Business on Amazon: The Success Story of "Kosm For You" with Advigator


About the Company

Civicounoshop Srl, led by Daniele Lanuti, is a business primarily focused on selling products on Amazon. The company operates two unique brands: Toocook, which offers handmade ceramic goods and home decor, and Kosmforyou, a cosmetics brand devoted to personal care and beauty. Since its inception in 2015, Civicounoshop Srl has been actively involved in the e-commerce sector.

Before Daniele discovered Advigator, handling ad campaigns for both brands was a challenging task. The introduction of Advigator, with its automated features, simplified the process, making ad campaign management more straightforward and efficient.

Daniele found out about Advigator through recommendations from peers in the industry, and a positive review from a friend who was already using the service encouraged him to give it a try.

Experiencing Growth with Advigator

When asked about the most valuable feature of Advigator, Daniel highlighted the power of automation. The platform allows him to set crucial parameters like ACOS and campaign aggression level, and automate bid optimization processes. Daniel believes these features make Advigator an invaluable tool.

Since adopting Advigator, Civicounoshop Srl has seen substantial growth. The successful campaigns run with Advigator have enabled the company to grow beyond the Italian market and establish a presence in Europe as well.

Daniele appreciates that Advigator keeps evolving alongside Amazon. He's noticed that Advigator has been progressively adding more useful features for ad campaigns, which are now essential for enhancing visibility and growth on Amazon.

In conclusion, Civicounoshop Srl's success is a testament to how Advigator can revolutionize Amazon ad campaign management for businesses. It aids in cost optimization, boosts efficiency, and ultimately fosters business expansion.