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How Gresel manages hundreds of products with 13% ACoS

Gresel is a company that has been selling on Amazon for 4-5 years with annual Amazon sales of 1.5 million. The catalog consists of retail and private label product. The target market is Europe.

How did you manage advertising before Advigator?

I used to use only Amazon Ads console. But this required a high amount of time. Managing hundreds of products, it was almost impossible to properly manage all the keywords and bids per click.

The Advigator solution

Researching the various software available and reading from other Amazon sellers, I decided to try Advigator. The variable price and no minimum entry threshold allowed me to try it without much initial investment.

I tried the software gradually. I kept my old campaigns active and activated Advigator on only a few products. I wanted to see if the software could do better than me. The first 15-20 days did not go very well because there was little data present. As time went on, and new orders and clicks came in, the software was able to better calculate bids per click. The ACoS decreased.

I was able to reach the same level or slightly improve the performance I reached doing manually in Amazon Ads console. Thus, I have been using it since September 2020 and it's now almost 3 years.

The benefits

I was able to save a lot of time and reduce ACoS. This has allowed me to scale the budget invested and extend my product catalog. If I used to spend my time managing a few dozen products, with Advigator, I can manage infinite products.

I have had the best results for products that already rank well in search results. The speed of data capture and conversion is remarkable. The investment in advertising becomes profitable.

The results

The manual campaigns I ran had a 15% ACoS. With Advigator I started at 20% but now I am at 11%. I manage about €45,000 per year in advertising budget.

I do an in-depth check 1 time per week and it takes less than 1 hour. For products where the actual ACoS is close to the target ACoS, I do not do any check because it is already fine. In other cases, I explore Targeting to see if I can do anything.

If the keyword/product page has spent a lot, but without generating orders, Advigator, automatically reduces the bid per click. And so I don't need to take any particular action. If however, I see that the keyword is not relevant to my product then I go and exclude it from targeting.


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