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Generate the title, bullet points, image text, and video script for your product detail page.

From Keyword to Listing page

Our Free Chrome Extension generates and optimizes Amazon listings in seconds.

AI analyzes competitors to identify common patterns and then generate you headline, bullet points, infographic text, and video scripts.

Generate product title

  1. We analyze the titles of products found in search results to identify a common structure. The structure can be, for example: [BRAND] + [MAIN KEYWORD] + [FEATURE] + [VARIATION], but it can vary for each niche.

  2. We identify the most frequently used keywords in the titles of competitors.

  3. We generate a new title using Artificial Intelligence (AI) that follows the identified structure and includes the most used keywords.

Then it's up to you to adapt the title to the specific characteristics of your product and make small adjustments.

Here an example, for a coffee maker:

Structure Brand + Model + Key Features + Color

Keywords Coffee Maker, Programmable, Single Serve, K-Cup Pods Compatible, Black, Stainless Steel, 12-Cup, Drip, Reusable Filter

Generated title Brand X 12-Cup Programmable Drip Coffee Maker, Single Serve, K-Cup Pods Compatible, Reusable Filter, Black and Stainless Steel

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 19.15.23.png

Generate bullet points

We generate two alternatives of bullet points following different structures.

Competitor structure

We analyze the most common structure used by competitors and generate 5 new bullet points.

For example, in one niche it might be common to follow the FEATURE: BENEFITS structure while in another functionality, taste or materials are described. We analyze this so that your bullet points are in consistent with your competitors.

Here an example for a "coffee maker". Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 19.18.17.png

Standard structure

We apply a standard structure and one that follows best practices for generating the 5 bullet points.

  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Use cases
  • Materials / Compatibility / How it works
  • Others

Here an example generated for a coffee maker.

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 19.16.28.png

Generate infographics

You can also generate example text to include in infographics.

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 19.20.03.png

Here are some common categories:

Brand Comparison

It's an infographic that compares your product with that of a generic competitor. We provide you with the main elements that might make customers consider your product better than the competition.


Features & Benefits

This is an infographic that highlights the main features of the product and its functionality. We show you the technical data that customers are most interested in.


Use Cases

It's an infographic that shows the product in a usage context. We describe how you could set the scene to showcase your product.


Generate video script

You can also generate some examples of video scripts.

There are three ready-made structures:

  • Problem / Solution
  • How it Works
  • Product Demo

For example, this is the script generated for a "coffee maker."

Screenshot 2023-11-26 at 19.30.56.png

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