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Advertising Automation for Amazon sellers

Advigator is an Amazon PPC Automation Software that manages advertising campaigns, analyzes search term reports, adds new keywords, and sets optimal bids. All by itself.

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What will Advigator do for you?

Campaign creation
Campaign creation

Advigator creates a manual and automatic targeting campaign for each product and includes its variants within

Targeting harvesting
Keyword harvesting

Advigator analyzes every day the search terms report to add new keywords only if they satisfy the chosen strategy

Bid optimization
Bid Optimization

Advigator every day analyzes conversion rates, click-through rate (CTR) and ACoS to adjust the bid

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Set budget, choose a targeting, and it's done!

You no longer have to find keywords, analyze search term reports with excel, or manually adjust bids to reduce ACoS.


Set a budget at product-level and it will be distributed to the manual and auto campaign.

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Choose criteria by which Advigator filters data from advertising reports (e.g., only keywords with sales)

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Within minutes you will find all campaigns running in Seller Central.

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Review keywords

Exclude not relevant keywords. You will no longer have to reduce bid for high ACOS keywords because Advigator takes care of it

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Review product pages

Exclude pages of non-competing products by viewing preview with title and photos

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Review out of budget

Track what time your campaigns hit their budget during the week

For seller of any size

Whether you just launched a new product or you dominate the category, Advigator it fits for you.

Category best-seller

Leverage data from previous campaigns to scale volumes by refining targeting and bidding.

New seller

Your campaigns will have relevant keywords, even if you've never run a campaign before.

Large catalog

If you have hundreds of products, you will maintain the accuracy of one campaign per product. Then you can use Bulk operations to apply the same action to many products.

Why are we different?

We believe Amazon sellers need easy-to-use software that works for them.

Other Amazon PPC Software
Campaign creation
Automatically created by Advigator for each product
Created manually by the seller
Keywords research
Automatically filtered from advertising reports or scraped from competitors
Manual or entered by choosing from the search terms reports
Bid adjustment
It's recalculated every day, based on performance.
Rules chosen by the user
% of actual ad spend, without minimum thresholds
Monthly plans paid in advance

Getting started is easy

1. Connect your Amazon Advertising account

Products and data will be imported in a few minutes

2. Enable products and set a budget

Feel free to start with a few products

3. Review targeting and performance

Periodically exclude any not relevant keywords and enjoy automation

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Get results in 14 days

Pause ongoing campaigns and let Advigator create new optimized campaigns for all products in a few minutes.

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