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Advigator is the Easiest Amazon Advertising Software to Work With

"It’s easy to make mistakes if you set up a PPC campaign without any knowledge or experience. But this software was easy to use from the very start! It helped me avoid tons of mistakes that would have led to money loss. Thank you Advigator!"

Automate Your Advertising

Need help creating your campaigns, inserting keywords, and adjusting bids per click to improve your AcoS? Advigator makes it easy.

Save Time Creating Campaigns

With just a few clicks, you can create Sponsored products, Sponsored displays, and Sponsored brand video campaigns.

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Stop Worrying About Which Keywords are Best

We’ll continually find the best-performing keywords for each product based on conversions and CTR! Plus, we can get you started with keyword ideas for new campaigns.

No More Adjusting Bids Per Click

Each day, we’ll auto adjust the bids per click for each keyword based on selling price, conversion rates, and target ACoS.

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Get Automated While Maintaining Control.

With Advigator, you can automate the time-consuming daily tasks – but you’ll also keep full control over targeting, profitability, and advertising speed.

With so much competition, it can be difficult to find the best keywords for your products. Advigator automatically filters search terms to find the perfect target words for you to use.
We provide three options for targeting strategy, based on the number of products you’ve sold, no matter if you’ve just launched your product, have had it for a little while, or have had significant success.

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You can exclude keywords and product targets manually if they are not relevant or misleading for your product. No need to exclude those with high ACoS, as we will automatically decrease the bid per click.

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Keep an eye on competitor pages that you’re getting clicks and sales from. This way, you can quickly identify what’s relevant and what’s not.

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We work with multiple ad formats in order to optimize your advertising strategy. Keywords and product targets are shared across Sponsored Products (SP), Sponsored Displays (SD), and Sponsored Brand Videos (SBV).

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With our program, you get to choose your target ACoS and we will work to maintain this target level. Changing your target ACoS will increase or decrease your bids per click, depending on if you raise or lower it, which can help with visibility!

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With Advigator, you can keep track of your budget to see how quickly your campaigns are running out of budget. That way, you can make adjustments accordingly.

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Use our analytics to effortlessly monitor spending, sales, and ACoS trends at the account or individual product level.

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How much could sales increase with Advigator?

Enter current performance (without Advigator)
Sales increase with Advigator

+X $/month

Your conversion rate is X%. Therefore, based on the average selling price and ACoS, Advigator will set the bid per click at X€ to increase monthly sales for the same ad spend.

How much time could you save with Advigator?

Campaign creation and adding keywords
  • Create a Sponsored Product manual, Sponsored Product auto, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brand Video campaign.
  • Identification of competitors and the most used keywords
  • 15 minutes per product per month
Analysis of the search terms report with excel
  • Download the report, identify new terms used by customers, filter the most relevant ones, and add them to the Sponsored Products manual, Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brand Video campaigns.
  • Exclude newly added terms from the automatic Sponsored Products campaign
  • 10 minutes per product per day
Bid per click adjustment to improve ACoS
  • Calculate the optimal bid per click analyzing conversions, average selling price, and target ACoS
  • Update all bids per click in Amazon Advertising
  • 10 minutes per product per day
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For Any Seller, Vendor or KDP

No matter your experience, Advigator is the perfect tool for you.


Save time on your advertising campaigns. We’ll take data from previous campaigns and run your advertising for you.


Simplify the process of getting started as an Amazon seller! With no experience required from you, we’ll run a successful advertising campaign for your products.

Large Catalogs

For large catalogs, we provide bulk advertising to activate multiple campaigns at once for efficient advertising.

Only Pay for What You Use

Unlike other advertising programs, Advigator only requires you pay for managed ad spend. No contracts required, pay only for what you use.


Starting at only $0.05/month, you’re able to adjust your plan as needed without a minimum threshold.

Save on Out-of-Stock

Your campaigns will stop automatically if you run out of product, saving you money.

Cancel When You Want

To stop, just pause your campaigns for no additional fee.

Getting Started is Easy

1. Connect Your Amazon Advertising Account

We’ll import all data and products in just a few minutes.

2. Enable Products and Set a Budget

Start with as many products as you’d like

3. Review Targeting and Performance

Exclude or include keywords as you like, and enjoy our automation.

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