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Amazon Ads Console shines for small-scale campaigns, but ambitious brands need a more comprehensive tool.

Hit a growth ceiling? Juggling complex campaigns, wrestling with spreadsheets, and eyeing global markets shouldn't be your roadblocks on Amazon.

Campaign Overload

Managing a multitude of campaigns for each product and ad variant can quickly become overwhelming, leading to clutter and chaos.

Keyword Complexity

The hours spent sifting through keywords, filtering out mismatches, and fine-tuning bids to optimize ACoS and maintain visibility could be better invested.

The Analytics Vortex

Monitoring and optimizing Amazon Ads campaigns is driving you crazy with spreadsheet reports. Didn't you expect to become a data scientist?

From complexity to simplicity

We simplify your Amazon PPC management, reducing headaches with features like campaign grouping, unified targeting across ad types, bulk operations, and proactive suggestions.

No more crafting campaigns one by one

Simply select your products in Advigator, enter a daily budget, set your ACoS target, and tick your ad types. In minutes, you'll see your campaigns come to life in the Amazon Ads console.

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Unified targeting

View keywords for all ad types (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Brand Video) in one comprehensive table.

Simplify Multi-Product and Global Amazon Campaigns

Control budgets and ACoS goals for multiple products and international marketplaces effortlessly with just one click.

Save Time on Negative Keyword Discovery

Our system scrutinizes search term reports to recommend potential irrelevant keywords for exclusion, saving you valuable time.

Targeting > Negative Targeting > Suggestions

Automated Data-driven Optimization

Our Amazon PPC automation tool conducts daily analyses of search term reports to fine-tune bids, uncover new keyword opportunities, and optimize budget allocation across ad types.

Amazon PPC bid management

Our tool analyzes advertising reports every 24 hours and calculates the optimal bids per click. We reduce the bids for less performing keywords and increase them for those with higher conversion rates.

Keyword Bid per click
cost per click formula
Advertising reports
Customer search term Impressions Clicks Orders

Amazon Keyword Research

Our tool evaluates search terms from automatic campaigns and broad/phrase matches, filters out the relevant ones, and finally adds them to all campaigns as new keywords.

Sponsored Products Sponsored Display Sponsored Brands Sponsored Brands Video
Advertising reports
Customer search term Impressions Clicks Orders

Amazon Ads Campaign's Budget Allocation

We track the actual spend across different advertising formats to redistribute your budget, shifting funds from underutilized campaigns to those that demand more resources for enhanced product-level efficiency.

Sponsored Products
Sponsored Display
Sponsored Brand
Sponsored Brand Video
Advertising reports
Customer search term Impressions Clicks Orders

We give superpowers to ambitious Amazon brands

Advigator provides robust analytics and reporting features, allowing users to analyze their campaign data, measure key performance indicators (KPIs), and gain valuable insights to optimize their advertising strategies.

Senso Naturale

By using Advigator, we've seen a significant improvement in the performance of our ad campaigns.


Before Advigator, we spent and wasted our budget without any logical reasoning


The best software for scaling advertising campaigns on Amazon

Scuola Ecommerce

Budget and underperforming campaigns are handled automatically. It is really easy to use and intuitive

Omada Design

With Advigator, you don't need to have ANY experience in terms of advertising. You just need to set up the product you want to sponsor, the daily amount, and sales will start to come by themselves. The thing I appreciate the most is that there is no monthly fee, but only a small percentage on the advertising spend invested.

Vintage sunglasses

Hundreds of products throughout Europe with 1 hour per week.


I was able to save a lot of time and reduce ACoS. This has allowed me to scale the budget invested and extend my product catalog.


It is extremely easy to set up and maintain. The optimization process is based on common sense, so it is easy to understand what you are doing. There is no mumbo-jumbo with artificial intelligence and other useless buzzwords.


We used to run only 5 campaigns with bad results. Now 90 campaigns and with good results.


Most software companies overcomplicate things and require a big learning curve, but Advigator was so simple and easy I thought I must be missing something.

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Advigator is a feature-rich Amazon advertising software solution that boasts an impressive array of tools and features designed to help businesses grow on the platform.

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Educational materials

Although it is very easy to use, you might find some support guides helpful.

Product Guides

Read about how Advigator works, common issues, and how to best use it for your advertising campaigns.

Video Tutorials

Watch the video tutorials to learn how to launch your first campaign with Advigator, how to manage targeting, and how to use bulk operations.

Amazon Ads Guide for Beginners

Learn how advertising on Amazon works, the key concepts of targeting, bidding, and optimization.

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