Campaigns group

The campaign group is developed by Advigator to easily manage your Amazon advertising. Each group combines products, campaigns, and targeting



The products are the ASINs that will be sponsored in all group campaigns. You can choose which ones to sponsor or leave them all active (recommended).


Large catalogs If you have more than 500 parent ASINs and more than 10 browse nodes (categories), it might make sense to group them by browse node. To do this, go to Advigator > Settings > Grouping Method.


The sub-campaigns are the campaigns created in Amazon Ads console. You can rename them and change the budget. Each sub-campaign receives a percentage of the group's daily budget. By default, it is optimally distributed by Advigator, or you can decide on a fixed value.



Targeting is the set of keywords and competitor product pages where the group's products will be sponsored. All campaigns in the group will have the same targeting, but with different bids per click for each ad format.