Start campaigns

To advertise a campaign group, click on activate, enter a daily budget and an ACoS target.

Tick the advertising formats you want to activate such as: Sponsored Products, Display, Brand or Video. For Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Brand Video you will be asked to upload a creative or video.


Within 5-10 minutes you will find the campaigns in Amazon Ads console in the portfolio named "Advigator" .

If you have other active campaigns on the same product, it is recommended that you pause them, or reduce the budget, to allow those in Advigator to receive more traffic.

Campaigns in Amazon Ads console


You will find these campaigns: two Sponsored Products (SP) campaigns (manual and automatic), one Sponsored Display (SD), one Sponsored Brand (SB), and two Sponsored Brand Videos (SBV) for keywords and product pages. Each campaign will receive a percentage of the daily budget you have chosen at the group level.


Ad groups

Within each campaign you will find these ad groups. Three for keywords: exact, phrase and generic matches, respectively. Another for competitor product pages, and possibly the ad group called "manual" which will contain any custom keywords added by you.


Targeting (Keywords/Product Targets)

The keywords will be the same for each campaign type (Sponsored Products, Display, Brand, and Video). Each with a different bid.