Budget allocation

The daily budget you choose at the campaign group level can be distributed to sub-campaigns in two ways:

1. Fixed percentage

You will choose the percentage for each campaign. Choosing equal to 0% will make the campaign be paused.

2. Automatic / Optimal Percentage (recommended)

Advigator will analyze the campaigns' actual spend data to vary the allocation. This reduces the time that one campaign is over budget, while another has excess budget unspent. The budget will, in fact, be shifted from the campaign that has excess to the one that needs it the most.

If there is no historical data, the budget is distributed evenly across the ad formats.


Out-of-budget campaigns Your actual daily spend may be less than the daily budget you choose. This depends on the ACoS target and traffic on Amazon. If you choose a high Target ACoS you will increase your bids per click, therefore you will get more traffic and increase your costs per click. Therefore, the budget will be depleted faster. If the budget runs out before the end of the day, campaigns are automatically stopped by Amazon. They will leave the following day or, immediately, if you increase your budget.

If it is sold out for multiple consecutive days you will see a warning like this. Where you may see the recommended budget for keeping your campaigns active for the whole day.


Total monthly budget You may want to decide on a total monthly budget for all campaigns. If the total spend, from the 1st of the month up to the current day, reaches the threshold, then all campaigns will be stopped. They will resume on the 1st of the following month or if you increase your monthly budget immediately.

If you leave blank, the campaign-level daily budget will be used.