Identifying Optimal Value for Your Bids

Bids updated every day to give you maximum conversions and profitability

How do we do it?

Our software downloads your historical data daily to recalculate the optimal value for the bid per click for each keyword and ad format. We constantly refresh the data so that in the long term, your product reaches your chosen ACoS target.

  • Bids per click calculated every 24 hours with newly updated data
  • We tailor bids per click to help you reach your chosen target ACoS over the long term
  • Flexible to changes in the average sales price, seasonality, conversion rate, and ACoS target

So, what’s the formula?

We believe in complete transparency, which is why we share the formula that makes our bid optimisation magic happen. There is no "hand-waving mumbo-jumbo" with artificial intelligence and other useless buzz-words.

  • Bid = Average selling price ($) * Conversion Rate (%) * Target ACoS (%)
  • We calculate the conversion rate for each product, keyword, and advertising format (Sponsored Products, Display or Video, etc.)
  • Tiered bidding for keyword match types
  • We handle cases with small data or outliers

Can I change bids per click?

Sure! The Target ACos is your control.

  • Increasing the ACoS target of a product will increase the bids per click of each keyword proportionally to historical conversions. More impressions and better search position but lower profits
  • Reducing the ACoS target will reduce the bids per click. Fewer impressions and lower search position but higher profits
  • In most cases we recommend setting the target ACoS slightly below the break-even point

You can also change bids for specific keyword/product targets.