What is the Amazon Best Sales Rank (BSR) ?

What is this metric, where is it located and how is it calculated in details.

The Best Sales Rank (BSR) measures the ranking of the best-selling products in the category. A BSR equal to 1 means that the product is the best-seller in the category.

How to find BSR on Amazon?

Detail page > Product information
You can find it in the "Product information" section of the product detail page.  In this case, the product is the 578th best selling in the category "Portable Bluetooth Speakers" and the 4,109th best in the "Mp3 & Mp4 Player accessories" category.

Bestseller page
Going to the page of the best-selling products you will find the whole ranking of the top 50 products.
Best seller page of "Portable Bluetooth Speakers": https://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/electronics/7073956011/

Keepa extension
If you have the Keepa extension installed you can see the time series of the Sales Rank.

What's the Best Sales Rank (BSR) formula?

The Best Sales Rank is calculated in this way:

  • Every 4 hours Amazon sums up total sales (organic and sponsored) for each product in the last 4 hours, 24 hours, 1 week, 30 days, 1 year. An extended time frame is used to take into account the effects of seasonality, lightning deals, and spike effects.
  • All ASINs in the category are sorted by sales from highest to lowest. Position # 1 will, therefore, be the best selling in the category, while # 100 will be the hundredth.
If the BSR of a product increases, it means that it is outranking competitors and therefore it sells more than its competitors. Not only in the short term, but it has a stable growth trend because sales of several time frames are considered.

During the peak period (eg Black Friday or Christmas period) when sales for all products increase at the same level, the BSR does not change, because they are all moving at the same speed. Except in cases where one product goes faster than another.

The Best Sales Rank (BSR) is a fundamental metric used a lot by Amazon's algorithm because it is easily calculable and gives accuracy regarding the quality of the product for the end customer. If it is purchased a lot and consistently then it is a product that interests the end consumer. The reviews, on the other hand, are not reliable in the same way, even if considered by the customer in the purchase phase.

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