Frequently Asked Questions

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Which marketplaces are supported?

We support all marketplaces where Amazon Advertising is present for Seller, Vendor and KDP.

What is the frequency of optimizations?

Advigator downloads and analyzes advertising reports every night to recalculate the optimal bid for each keyword.

Can I use Advigator to optimize existing campaigns?

No, Advigator analyzes the data of your previous campaigns to create new and optimized ones and inserts them in a new portfolio. You will then need to pause old campaigns to avoid conflict.

What types of campaigns do you support?

At the moment, our efforts are only on Sponsored Products.


Can I add multiple seller accounts?

Yes, you can manage unlimited seller accounts with the same subscription by clicking on "+ add marketplace" from the marketplace list page.

Can I invite a collaborator?

Yes. It must register with Advigator and then connect the Amazon Seller Central account.


Do I need to add keywords?

There is no need. Preferably it is better not to add any keywords and let the system find them automatically through the analysis of advertising reports. The only thing to do on your side is to exclude possible non-relevant terms.

Are negative keywords added automatically?

No, we prefer to reduce bid per click for the less performing keywords and let you decide if exclude them.


Is the bid increased for the best performing keywords?

Yes, if a keyword has an ACoS lower than the target, the bid is slightly increased until it will reach the target ACOS.

How long does it take to learn and start optimizing bids?

If you had active campaigns, we are immediately able to set optimal bids. The more data there is, the more precise the bids will be.

Are there control systems on the maximum bid?

Of course, we have systems that limit the maximum bid to avoid unwanted effects.

Do you use artificial intelligence?

We believe mathematical and statistical optimization methods best solve this problem, although it is less fancy for marketing materials.


What is the cancellation period for my account?

You can pause campaigns on any day; there is no monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan cycle.

Will the pricing change with the addition of more Amazon marketplaces?

No, what matters is the total advertising spend of all campaigns.