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This section of allows you to export data in Excel format. It is available at the keyword level on the search results page or on each product.


During the purchase phase, some customers may not find some information or have doubts. In many cases, this is enough to make them leave the page and look for another product. Other times, the user asks a question to the seller or other customers who have previously purchased the product. Here is the Q&A section on a product detail page: questions


Not having all the necessary information on a page can lead to a low conversion rate and so lost sales.

Let's see how we can use this information to our advantage. We read questions asked on products similar to ours to put this information on bullet points, A+ pages, or redesign secondary images.

Install the Advigator's Chrome Extension, search for "yoga mat" on Amazon, and download the Q&A in Excel.


Open the Excel file, sort by votes, and open a notepad in another side-by-side window.


As I read them, I make notes and group by topic area. If a user cites a use case, I make a note of it, along with the main feature for their need.

User questions My notes
"Is this yoga mat non-toxic? Does it smell bad like chemicals? Thanks!" Materials - Odors, Toxicity, Chemicals
"is it big enough for ab workout/other exercises?" Use cases - Ab workout - Wide
" Is this mat okay for Bikram yoga?" Use cases - Bikram yoga
"Is the mat .2 inch or .25 inch?" Dimensions
"Is this mat thick enough to do sit-ups comfortably? " Use cases - Sit-ups - Thickness
"Does it come with a strap or way to carry it?" Use cases - carry straps
"is it slippery?" Materials - non-slip
"How heavy is this mat?" Weight
"Is this yoga mat latex-free?" Materials - Latex-free

At this point, I try to summarize the information and group it by subject area.

To have a high conversion rate, I want the user to find all the information they are looking for without having to ask more questions or leave the page. So I can put this information in secondary images and/or bulleted lists.

Here are some examples of how I could design a few images: Carry straps, Wide, Thickness, Slippery