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This section shows the price trend, best-seller rank (BSR), reviews, and product rating.


Best seller rank (BSR)

Best-seller rank (BSR) is a key metric on Amazon and influences a product's organic ranking in search results. Every hour Amazon calculates the units sold of each product in the category (e.g. Kitchen, Home improvement etc.) and sorts them. The product with BSR #1 means that it is the product with the most units sold in that category or subcategory.

To account for seasonality and smooth the effect of peak sales, Amazon does a weighted average considering multiple periods (last 365 days, 90 days, 7 days and 6 hours) and weighs them differently giving more weight to the last days. This is the complete Best Seller rank (BSR) formula:

Weighted average units sold = 35% * Units sold (6h) + 50% * Units sold (1d) + 10% * Units Sold (7d) + 5% * Units sold (365d)

So it may happen that a product that sells a lot of units in the last month manages to win the best seller badge. But, in order to be able to get it consistently, it is necessary to maintain a higher rate of units sold than other competitors. The BSR can go up exponentially if your product is out-of-stock or a competitor does a very aggressive promotion. If your product has positive year-by-year growth but an increasing BSR, that means your competitors are growing faster.