Targeting is the set of keywords, product pages and auto expressions on which your product is sponsored.


The page is divided into 4 sections:

Target name

The keyword, product page or automatic expression. You can open the Amazon page to see the search results. Automatic expressions are placed in the automatic sponsored products campaign and Amazon will promote the product where it considers most relevant.

Search volume

This is an estimate of monthly traffic. It is calculated from the average monthly impressions of the Sponsored Products campaigns. If you've had the campaigns active for a few months, it's a very reliable estimate because it's based on actual traffic data, not estimates. However, if you have recently activated the campaign or your product rarely appears on the first page, the estimate will be less accurate.

Conversion rate

This is the estimated number of orders per 100 clicks for each keyword and ad type. The estimate is calculated from historical campaign data, taking into account seasonality and adjustments to correct for low data cases.

Bid per click

This is the bid per click value calculated by Advigator and found directly in the ad campaigns. It is calculated based on the average sale price (after tax and coupons), the estimated conversion rate and the target ACOS you have chosen.