Say Goodbye to Keyword Research

Keyword research will still be done, just not by you. Save time combing through keywords by letting Advigator do it for you faster and more accurately.

Already Done Advertising Campaigns?

We create ad campaigns quickly and efficiently by analyzing your past data to filter those with the most conversions or high relevance. We use what worked and work on what needs improvement going forward.

  • We clean up advertising terms report data by aggregating singular/plural terms, removing stopwords and keywords written with words in a different order.
  • We understand the marketplace's local language and basic grammar rules
  • We sponsor on all match types (exact, phrase, broad) and we avoid overlap through tiered bidding
First Ad Campaign For Your Product?

If you are in your first campaign, we will take care of adding the first relevant keywords by analyzing your title and that of competitors. We sponsor your product on the competitors detail page.

  • Drive traffic from keywords in your product title and those in competitors' titles
  • Sponsor your product on the best sellers, most wanted and new releases of the subcategory.
  • Capture traffic from competing products when they lose the buybox and show yourself as the best alternative for the most expensive
Customizations Keep You in Control

Use negative keywords and filtering strategies to offer you customizations that lead to winning results.

  • Use our ready-to-use filters to easily discard keywords with no sales or below average CTR
  • Add negative keywords to discard terms that, despite good performance, are misleading or not relevant to the customer
  • Easily exclude non-competing products by looking at the photo and product title

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