Targeting harvesting

How Advigator finds keywords and product targeting for you

Advertising reports

We analyze reports on search terms and how the keywords performed on each product every day

Competitor analysis

Advertise the product in the detail pages of the most relevant competitors to snatch market shares

Enriched campaigns never like before

Your products will be sponsored on relevant keywords and competitors' product pages

Short tail

Search terms with only one word

Mid tail

Search terms with two words

Long tail

Search terms with 3+ words


Manual keywords added by you


Keywords found in the titles of competitor products


Keywords to reach customers searching for your product in a non-locale language

Product pages

Detail pages of the products similar to yours

Frequently bought together

Products identified by Amazon as 'Frequently bought together'

Customer also shopped for

Products identified by Amazon as 'Customer also shopped for'

Purchased after view

Products identified by Amazon as 'Purchased after view'

Customer who bought this also bought

Products identified by Amazon as 'Customer who bought this also bought'

Comparison table

Products in the comparative table (if present) on your detail page


Best-selling products in your sub-category

Most wished

Most desired products in your sub-category

Most gifted

Best gifts in your sub-category

New releases

Products just released in your sub-category


Products in your sub-category that have a higher price

No prime shipping eligible

Products in your sub-category that do not offer Prime shipping

Search results

Products that appear in search results for your main keywords


Keywords or products found by Amazon in the auto-targeted campaign

An automatic optimization process

You no longer have to find keywords or product targeting because Advigator will take care of it

What will I do?
  1. Review the keywords identified by Advigator and how they rendered in the past

  2. Exclude terms not relevant to your product

  3. Try different selection strategy criteria

What will Advigator do?
  1. Analyze the search terms report every day

  2. Filter keywords / competing product pages that meet the criteria of the chosen strategy

  3. Add selected keywords in the manual campaign and replicate them for the different match types (exact, phrase, broad)

  4. Analyze competitors' product pages on Amazon to enrich targeting

  5. Add any negative keywords chosen by the user

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