Campaign creation

Advigator creates campaigns according to industry best-practices by creating an auto and manual campaign for each product.

Manual campaign

It contains keywords and product pages taken from advertising reports and considered relevant in your market niche

Auto campaign

Keyword and product pages are chosen by Amazon based on shopper searches related to your product information.

An automatic optimization process

You no longer have to manage two campaigns because Advigator will take care of it

What I do?
  1. Choose the products you want to promote

  2. Enter a daily budget

  3. Choose a keyword selection strategy (or leave the default one)

What will Advigator do?
  1. Create two campaigns (manual-targeted and auto-targeted) for each product (parent-ASIN)

  2. Include all variations within the campaign

  3. Scan advertising reports daily and populate the manual campaign according to the targeting strategy chosen

  4. Exclude keywords from the manual campaign from the automatic campaign

  5. Add any negative words chosen by the user to both campaigns

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