Bid optimization

How Advigator sets bids per click at the optimal level for you

Continually calculated

Bids are re-calculated every day by analyzing the performance data of the advertising campaigns

Immediately ready

We are able to set bid even with small data because we use fallback estimation methods

The formula

Artificial Intelligence it's a cool headline these days, but we believe this formula is more effective

Selling price
Conversion rate
Target ACoS
  • Keywords with a low conversion rate will have a lower value and vice versa.
  • The conversion rate is calculated for every keyword and takes into account trend changes
  • Products with a low sale price will have a lower value
  • Target ACoS is automatically computed considering the level that generates the greatest profits in absolute terms
  • Singular, plural and stop words are aggregated

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Pause ongoing campaigns and let Advigator create new optimized campaigns for all products in a few minutes.

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