Continuously Updated Campaigns

We automate the recurring tasks necessary to keep campaigns optimized over time.

Search Term Report

New Search Terms

We analyze the search terms report every day. If we find new relevant terms, we include them in the campaigns as keywords in the three matching areas.

Filter Criterion
We analyze and filter search terms based on conversion rates and CTR to select the most relevant ones.
Added as a Keyword
A new search term is entered as a keyword in the exact phrase and broad matches.
Growth in Targeting
The set of keywords and product targets will automatically grow every day as new data comes in, staying relevant.
Performance Analysis

Data Fluctuations

Targeting, bids per click, and budget allocation is recalculated daily based on new data.

Offers Per Click
Recalculated and updated in campaigns based on new conversion rates.
Average Selling Price
If you reduce or increase the selling price of the product, then the bids per click will change.
Offers per click will vary based on the month and week of the year.