Optimized Campaigns

We implement industry best practices to increase budget performance.

Bids Per Click

Calculated and updated directly in campaigns based on average sales price, conversion rates, and ACoS goal.

Calculated based on conversion rate, average selling price, and ACoS target.
Match types
The exact phrase and broad matches will be staggered downward to avoid overlapping.
Advertising formats
Each keyword will have an optimal bid for every advertising format.


Keywords with no generated orders and low CTR are not incorporated in campaigns.

Conversion Rate
The ratio of orders over clicks is applied to identify the most relevant keywords.
Click-Through Rate (CTR)
If the keyword has not yet generated orders, we use CTR to identify the most relevant ones.

Budget Allocation

Optimal budget distribution in sub-campaigns

Reducing Time out of Budget
The budget is automatically transferred from the campaign that spends the least to the one that needs it most so that your budget will not run out before the end of the day.
Fewer Fields to Check
By managing the budget at the campaign group level, you will conveniently have the situation under control.