An Easier Way to Manage Campaigns

We combine campaign types and product variations into one group to effortlessly control and manage your spending.

Simplified Creation

You will operate at a campaign group level instead of focusing on individual campaigns. Everything will be carried over to the sub-campaigns.

Each group represents a Parent ASIN and its variants. But, if you have thousands of products, you can change the grouping method.
Advertising formats
Simply checking the Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand, or Sponsored Brand Video box will create the campaign for that product, including its variations.
The daily budget you choose for the campaign group will be distributed to the sub-campaigns.

Targeting Is Shared

The keywords and target products are the same for each ad format (but with different bids per click).

Negative targeting
If you remove an irrelevant keyword from targeting, it will be removed automatically from all advertising formats.
Ease of Control
You will find it much easier to check where you are sponsoring the product because it is all on one page.

Bulk Operations

You can apply the same change to dozens of products in just a few clicks.

Quick Activation
Create and activate campaigns for multiple products.
Negative Exclusion
You can enter the same negative keyword on multiple products by searching them by title, category or brand.


We analyze the data for you and show you possible irrelevant keywords to add as negatives.

New Search Terms With No Orders
Search terms from the Sponsored Products automatic campaign and phrase/broad matches.
Frequent Words With No Orders
Single words often found in search terms that have not generated orders.
Categories With No Orders
Categories of competing products that have not generated orders.