Customer stories

Learn how our customers have achieved success with Advigator. True stories from real companies.

I manage hundreds of products across Europe with only 1 hour of time per week. With the time saved, I have expanded the catalog and achieved €1 million in annual revenue.

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Clothing accessories

Most software companies overcomplicate things and require a big learning curve, but Advigator was so simple and easy I thought I must be missing something.

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Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

Streamlined Budget Management and Enhanced Analytics: Our Journey with Advigator for Amazon Advertising

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Senso Naturale

We used to run only 5 campaigns with bad results. Now 90 campaigns and with good results.

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EA Commerce

Before Advigator, we spent and wasted our budget without any logical reasoning

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Amici & Natura
Pets products

From a Small Craftsmanship to Italy's Leading Online Equestrian Store: A Journey of Passion and Innovation

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Tosoni Selleria Horses (Artefizio)
Equestrian Equipment

From Handmade Sales to Marketplace Mastery: How Advigator Transformed Our Amazon Ad Strategy

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Funghi Energia & Salute (Artefizio)

The effective performance of our campaigns has enabled us to expand our reach into the European market.

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Kosm For You