Getting started guide

If you are an Amazon seller, managing advertising campaigns can be difficult and time-consuming. Advigator provides an easy-to-use solution that automates most of the necessary tasks.

Product activation

Activate products and enter a daily budget

Once the account is configured, Advigator will have imported products sponsored in the last 60 days. If you can't find all your products, you can click on "Import ASIN" > "Import from Seller Central" and enter the MWS Authorization code.

Once you have everything ready you have to choose which products to sponsor and the daily budget for each one.

If you have a vast catalog, we recommend that you also set an account-level budget by going to Advigator > Select a marketplace > Settings (upper-right icon).

Within minutes Advigator creates a manual and automatic campaign for each product in your Amazon Advertising account.

The campaigns will be populated with keywords and competitor product pages according to a balanced strategy ("At least a sale or high CTR%"). Bids per click are set to an optimal value based on historical data.

Every day Advigator will analyze the advertising reports to adjust bids per click and add new keywords if they satisfy the criterion of the chosen strategy.
We recommend reviewing the Targeting section for each product every 1-2 weeks.