Getting started guide

If you are an Amazon seller, managing advertising campaigns can be difficult and time-consuming. Advigator provides an easy-to-use solution that automates most of the necessary tasks.

Optimization process

From analyzing reports to adjusting bids per click

Let's see how the daily optimization process works.

1. Reports download

Search terms and Advertised product reports are downloaded from Amazon Advertising and imported into the database.

2. Report analysis

  • New customer search terms

    Customers reach your product by searching for new terms that you haven't previously sponsored. These are generated by auto-targeting campaigns or phrase/broad match keywords. Not all of these terms are relevant to your product. Therefore, Advigator filters them based on the strategy you have chosen.

    By default Advigator applies the strategy "Only keywords with sales or high CTR%". In this case, search terms, that led to a sale and those without sales but with a CTR% higher than product average, are filtered. This criterion can be changed. For example, you can choose "Only Keywords with sales" to get only those that have already generated sales, or you can choose to remove all filters.

  • Bid per click adjustment

    Advigator set bid per click based on how keywords performed. The software estimates a fair price, which will be higher for keywords with many sales, and lower for fewer performers.

    In detail, the formula is something like:
    Offer per click = Average sale price x Conversion rate x ACoS target In cases of missing data (e.g., no sales yet), statistical estimation methods and control mechanisms are used to avoid outlier bids.
    We do not use artificial intelligence or machine learning methods because we do not believe they are appropriate solutions to this problem.
    Our algorithm does not look at the search results position (Ad Rank) to avoid a "bidding war" with competitors.

3. Negative targeting

Keywords added in the manual campaign are copied as "negative keywords" to the auto campaign. In this way, they will no longer be searched, and they will have an optimized bid per click. At the same time, any negative keywords and negative product targets entered by you, are added to the campaigns.

4. Synchronization with Amazon

Every day the new optimized targeting is synchronized with your Amazon account in few minutes.
All changes you will make (e.g. budget, strategy etc ..) will be applied to your Amazon account within minutes.