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If you are an Amazon seller, managing advertising campaigns can be difficult and time-consuming. Advigator provides an easy-to-use solution that automates most of the necessary tasks.

Refine targeting

Increase accuracy with custom keywords and negative keywords

Video transcript

Let's say you sell these Bluetooth headphones and want to refine your Amazon ad campaign targeting.

Go into the Advigator "Targeting" tab and analyze the current keyword setup. Are all of them relevant to your product?

Here, for example, the two keywords, "headphones" and "headset," are irrelevant to our product. As noted through an Amazon search for these terms, the "Amazon's Choice" badge has been given to product types other than ours. In fact, the Badge is assigned to the product that sells the most among users who have searched for that term.

Since you sell "earbuds," all search terms containing "headphones" or "headset" are irrelevant and need to be excluded.

To do so, go to "Negative Targeting." Add the keyword, "headphones," being sure to check the "also exclude when in a phrase" box. Similarly, you will also exclude "Bluetooth headphones," "noise-canceling headphones," etc.

Repeat the same task for the keyword, "headset." Well done. You've just added a Negative phrase-match keyword.

In continuing our analysis, let's now focus on another term: "earphones for girls." By clicking to preview this term's search results, we see that most of the results are pink headphones. Obviously, our product doesn't fit this specific market niche, so we'll exclude it. In this case, we want to exclude the Exact Match term by clicking on "exclude." All excluded terms are added as Negative Keywords (Exact Match or Phrase Match) in manual and automatic campaigns for that product.

As a further step, analyze the tab of the competing products' pages where your product is sponsored.

Again, if you find products that are not direct competitors, then you may want to exclude them and save money in your budget.

If you have a large catalog you will find yourself repeating this operation for many products. Advigator helps you with the "Bulk operations" function, through which you can apply the same operation (for example, add a negative keyword) to multiple products at the same time.

Go to Bulk Operations and choose "Negative Keyword". Enter the keyword, and check the box if you want to exclude also all times that it will be contained in a phrase.

Then select the products you want to apply it to and confirm.

Within a few minutes the negative keyword will be added to all products.

These are the key takeaway of this video.

  • Periodically review the Targeting tab for each product.
  • Exclude irrelevant terms by using negative phrase or exact match words.
  • Use bulk operations if you have a large catalog.