Getting started guide

If you are an Amazon seller, managing advertising campaigns can be difficult and time-consuming. Advigator provides an easy-to-use solution that automates most of the necessary tasks.

Improve Ad Rank

Optimize title and bullet points to improve ad rank

The product page is a key aspect for both organic and sponsored sales. Amazon makes available Central sales guidelines to optimize it and if our page does not comply will be slightly penalized in search results.

Product title

The title has to comply with these guidelines:

  • Title between 50 and 100 characters with no claims, keyword stuffing, or ALL CAPS. Do capitalise the first letter of each keyword, and use numerals.

  • Has Search Terms with sales

  • Do not "Keyword Stuff" your title; this leads to poor customer experience, decreased conversions, and search engines will detect this and lower your page rank

  • Choose no more than 3 Keywords to target in your Detail Page attributes

Amazon's search engine prefers an exact match of the user's search term with the product title. For example, if the user searches for "portable bluetooth speaker", other things being equal, he considers the product that contains "Portable bluetooth speaker" in the title more relevant than "Waterproof bluetooth speaker".

It's very important that in the first 70-100 characters of the title there is exactly the search term. At the same time, the words contained in the title must be very relevant for the product and with past generated orders.

To optimize the title of a search engine product, proceed as follows:

  • Go to Targeting
  • Sort keywords by units sold
  • Select at most 3-5 keywords and insert them in the title, keeping a meaningful sentence for the customer and a maximum of 100 characters. Each search term must begin with a capital letter.

Bullet points

Bullet points have to comply with these guidelines:

  • Ensure ASINs have 3-5 bullets and ~100 characters per bullet
  • Include customer benefits, product uses, and compatibility information; tell the customer only what’s most important about your product
  • Do not add more than 5 bullets or bullets with more than 120 characters; these decrease conversions and degrade customer experience
  • Do not include any unverified claims, bestseller claims, or warranty claims
  • Do not include industry/technology jargon; instead use terms customers use and understand (e.g., "Dishes" vs. "Dinnerware sets")