Getting started guide

If you are an Amazon seller, managing advertising campaigns can be difficult and time-consuming. Advigator provides an easy-to-use solution that automates most of the necessary tasks.


How much budget to set and when to increase it

There is no optimal value. A higher budget will keep the campaign turned on all day long. Otherwise, Amazon stops it in the middle of the day.
Unfortunately, an increasing budget will not necessarily increase sales, nor rank in search results. It only controls the duration of daily visibility.

In the beginning, you can set a budget you are used to spending and increase if it runs out.

In this example, the budget has been reached three times in the last week.

By clicking on "3 times," we see the manual campaign reached its budget in the evening. Remember that by default, the manual campaign manages 80% of the product budget (€ 64 of total € 80).

If you have set an account-level budget (Seller Central> Advertising > Settings) you will see the status code Account out of budget.

Before deciding whether to increase it or not, we recommend two activities:

  • Exclude any misleading keywords/product pages that are consuming budgets.
  • Compare current ACoS with the break-even ACoS% to make sure you are not increasing losses.